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  • Who was eligible to participate in this survey?
    501c3 nonprofits that serve Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester, and/or Dorchester counties.
  • Who compiled and analyzed the data and how are they qualified?
    Data was compiled and anazlyed by Maryland Nonprofits Consulting Group (lead consultants Sawida Kamara, Project Management and Research Consultant, & Chelsea Newhouse, Associate Consultant, Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies), and BEACON at Salisbury University.
  • How will the report be distributed? Do I have to pay to view it?
    The survey data and report is available for download on our Report page at To schedule a report presentation at a community event contact us.
  • Why was this study completed?
    This study will provide an overview of the nonprofit sector on the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and explore the economic and social impact of nonprofits in Dorchester, Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester Counties. The study will provide the first-ever documentation of the contributions made in the local nonprofit sector and will help raise awareness about the collective impact and vital presence of nonprofits in our community.
  • What data was used for this study?
    The study used data collected from nonprofits via online survey and existing data from the Internal Revenue Service and the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Data from participating nonprofits includes the programmatic, operational, and financial management aspects of the organizations headquartered in and/or serving the residents of the region.
  • Who from the organization completed the survey?
    The executive director or highest level of leadership within each organization, or a representative appointed by them. We asked that the survey be completed only once per organization.
  • When was the data from this study released?
    The report will be released in May 2019 and is available to the public via electronic download on our Report page.
  • Are survey responses confidential?
    Yes, respondees names are not public information.
  • Did statewide organization participate?
    State-wide organizations were asked to only use data that is relevant to the Eastern Shore/ survey service area.
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